Make English Lessons

From DVD Films:

From Any web page:

The Verilang Language Learning System

Verilang is a provider of learning solutions for English language learners, teachers and schools. With our software and methods, you can learn English while watching your favourite Hollywood films.

Turn Hollywood films into English lessons

If you own the DVD of one of the supported popular films in our growing list - such as Harry Potter, Shrek, etc. - you can turn it into one of the most effective and interesting English learning tool you have ever experienced

Learn English from any web page

You can learn new words and pronunciation while reading online articles from your favourite web site.

Dictionaries and word translations

Integrated dictionary and word translation services provided.

Speech Synthesizer

Click on any word in a web page or DVD film to listen to its pronunciation.

Online courses

Schools, teachers and students can create and enroll into formal courses using all the above software features. Such course content can be used for both online self-learning and in the classroom.

Progress tests & Quizes

Generate ad-hoc progress tests any time to see how good a student you are and what progress you have made.

Word bookmarks & Vocabulary Lists

create vocabulary lists and word bookmarks to help memorizing new words.