Escape course information

Escape course information

Tal Shalif



1. Learning system

At Escape we utilize the following methods for cost and time effective learning.

1.1. Computer Aided Learning System

Large part of the training is done through the use of an online computer-based learning system. Here are some of the system features:

  • Speech synthesis

  • Dictionaries

  • Film based learning

  • Vocabulary lists

  • Progress tracking

1.2. Constant progress monitoring

While using our learning system the language trainer will frequently monitor your progress and provide feedback, if necessary, throughout the week. The purpose is to help you, the student, to remain focus and motivated.

1.3. Individual training

Each student may have a different course and learning tasks individually tailored to her ability and speed of progress. Face to face training sessions are also usually done on a 1 to 1 basis, so you have the full attention of the language trainer all to yourself.

1.4. Group lessons

Sometimes it could be both fun and effective to learn with other students. As long as the students can benefit from being together, some group training sessions may be offered - such as:

  • Grammar lectures

  • Shared reading

  • Voice shadowing workshops

2. Fees

A basic package of 9,500 JPY per month is offered. The package includes:

  1. Learning system access

  2. Computer based course material, teacher evaluations and administration (does not include DVD films)

  3. 4 x 25 minute 1 on 1 training sessions (on-site at our shool or online)

Optional charges:

  1. Computer rental - 2000 JPY per month

  2. Off-site trainer dispatch charge (TBD)

  3. Additional 1 on 1 training slots - 2000 JPY per 25 minutes

3. Tips for Efficient Language Learning

Learning a new language is not easy - it takes a lot of time and effort. It is also very easy for a student to 'lose focus' and do her learning ineffectively wasting time and effort.

The goal of the elementary/beginner level student is to achieve intermediate level as quickly as possible with minimum wasting of time and effort. Using the right methods, tools and adhering to the following learning rules will help students stay on course and sustain such effective learning.

3.1. Study Intensity & Frequency

One of the most important things language students to realize is that there is no language school, English teacher, text book or any other kind of 'magic way' to teach you the language, unless you learn intensely and frequently enough. While students with intermediate level or higher may be able to maintain their language skill by just 1 hour of language practice a week, lower level students must learn much more intensely in order to progress.

The following chart attempts to demonstrate the difference in learning progress based on the number of hours a beginner level student spends every week over a 12 month period [1] :

Figure 1. Hours per week / Intermediate level achievement rate

Hours per week / Intermediate level achievement rate

3.2. You are our best teacher

Even if we had the best English teacher in the world, there is still someone who can teach you better - you! It would be more correct to say that you are the only one who can actually teach yourself a language. Our job as a language training center, therefore, is to show you what to learn, how to learn and by helping you to remain motivated and focused. You must never forget, hoever, that your language future is ultimately in your own hands.

3.3. Self practice

Practice by yourself whenever you can - as long as you can do so in a productive manner. This is the most cost effective and the reason why for every hour you spend with a teacher you should be able to spend many more hours to study, practice and review the material on your own.

3.4. You do not need to get lonely or bored

Early stage language learning can be lonely and frustrating, because you need to do lots of self practice alone. A language trainer can help you stay focused and motivated by monitoring your learning and providing encouragement and feedback. Also, you can eliminate most of the boredom by choosing the right learning methods and material

[1] These figures were hand created for demonstration purposes based on authors' experience. An actual chart using real data may look different for each student.